Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Growing Up

Mr. 4 yo turns into Mr 5 yo today! I can't believe that my bouncing, 11 lb 10 oz baby boy is already 5! The little "caboose" of our family is growing up so fast.

I have proof of that, too. My little mama's boy (you know, the one who has to kiss me at least 20 times a day) is choosing to spend his birthday evening with his father and his big brother at their monthly Blue Knights meeting. Oh well, I knew we would have to begin to cut those apron strings sooner or later. Though, to be quite honest, I'm thinking sooner is better because I've noticed this trend among youngest boys of the seems that even into teenage and adult years, some of them still seem to cling way too much to their mamas :)

Not too long ago, he looked at me and said, "Remember the day I was born how I was laying on the bed and I looked in your eyes?" Yes, dear, I do remember that soul searching look you gave me just moments after you were born. What I wonder is, do you remember it because we've told you about it or do you REALLY remember it? Wouldn't surprise me if you did!

Happy Birthday, young man...