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Hello!  I'm Laura and this is my blog.  All of the content and photographs on this blog are my own and, therefore, are property of me and are not to be used or copied by anyone.

I also need to let you know that I occasionally will link to things that I think are worth linking to in the form of an affiliate link.  What does this mean?  It means that I have found something that I think is worth telling you about, and if you agree with me and you purchase it by clicking on one of the links, I will get a small amount back in exchange.  It costs you absolutely nothing extra, but it allows me to earn a few meager dollars in exchange for my time and effort.

No matter what, I will never recommend anything that I do not agree with or like.  I love to tell people about products that I like or that have made a difference in my life, so here's a way that I can do that and earn some money to help my family out.  I will be so excited when you make one of these purchases, so I thank you in advance.

Here's the legalese that I must provide for my Amazon links:

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Thanks again, and I look forward to recommending great things to you!

God Bless!