Homeschooling Unit Studies

I love unit studies.  I think they are a great way to learn and a great way to teach multiple grade levels at the same time.

I have, however, noticed one thing...there aren't many (if any) unit studies out there that are specifically Catholic.  You can find many great published unit studies for all kinds of things:  animals, world wars, science topics.  You name it, there is probably some kind of published unit study out there for it.

However, wouldn't it be nice to have a published unit study that would include elements of our Catholic faith?  What if they would also bring in topics such as art, science, music, history, english, reading and comprehension as well as geogrpahy, just to name a few?

That is the idea behind what I hope will be an extensive offering of published unit studies designed around a saint, but yet incorporating other world events and people that lived at the same time.

If you are interested in this type of a study, then you can do a couple of things:  

1.  Check out this page on my website that tells all about my idea for Catholic unit studies.  This page has a list of the studies that are ready for purchase.

2.  Sign up for my newsletter so that you can stay up-to-date on which new saints and unit studies are ready to go.

3.  Follow me on facebook because this is another way that I keep people current on new releases.

I hope you are as excited about these unit studies as I am.  Praise the Lord that He is being very generous in His inspirations; He's putting together some great stuff!