The Goat Milk Soap Shop

Welcome!  If you are in search of all-natural, hand made, great smelling soap, then you're in the right place.  My daughters and I are in the business of selling some great goat milk and all-natural soaps that will be sure to get you smiling and smelling good.  

Tired of all those chemicals in your bath products?  Tired of putting more toxic chemicals into your body all the time?  Switching over to an all-natural, luxurious soap is a great way to start doing something good for your body!

I'd like to take this page to introduce you to The Goat Milk Soap Shop, the place to buy great-smelling soaps made with goat milk and essential and fragrancew oils which are available in a wide variety of fragrances. Each bar of our soap is a generous 4 ounces and there are many great scents to choose from.  There's even an unscented soap in case you want good ingredients without the fragrance.

You can buy individual bars and we can also put together a gift bag (just like in the picture above) with your choice of any three soaps or two soaps and a soap deck.

These soaps make a great party favor, too.  What we do is wrap a 1/2 bar of soap with your message printed on the label.  For example:  Congratulations Sue and John!  From our shower to yours :)  Just contact me and we can work out the details.

Of course, IL residents will pay a sales tax of 7.25% and shipping is additional and will depend on where you live and how many items you order.

Go over and check out our website for the current specials and seasonal fragrances.  We're here to help you get on the road to putting only good things on your body!

You can also follow us on facebook!  Thanks for stopping by!