Thursday, January 1, 2015

Saint and Word of 2015

A few days ago I headed over to Conversion Diary's Saint Name Generator to find out which Saint I would get for 2015.  My first attempt at it got me St. Benno of Meissen patron of anglers, fishermen and weavers.  Now normally I would just take this Saint without question, but really?  At first glance, I just can't find anything I can relate to here.  I tried again.  The second time I got St. Bernard of Clairvaux whose feast day is August 20th.  I'll take it.  I love praying the Memorare and he is the Saint to whom that prayer is attributed.  I look forward to seeing how often the two of us cross paths this year.

Now, on to the word of the year.  Last year it was "positive".  I struggle with being positive at times.  Often I slip into my "realist" mode, which really isn't all  that positive.  I think I will still have to continue to work on that one.

Alas, a new year requires a new word and so this one popped into my mind:  purposeful. What does purposeful mean, you ask?

 Having or showing determination or resolve.  Having a useful purpose.  Intentional.

I like that.  Showing determination. Being useful and intentional.  So many times this past year I felt like I was just going along from one thing to the next, just trying to keep up.  I'd like to for things to feel more intentional this year.  My thoughts, my words, my actions.  Purposeful...not just automatic.

Do you have a Saint and/or a word for the year?

God Bless!