Life of Fred

Are you a homeschooler?
Do your children dread (I hesitate to use the word "hate") math?

If you answered no to either of the two questions above, you are free to return to the regularly scheduled program.  If you answered yes to the above two questions, then I'd like to take this page to introduce you to Fred.  "Fred?" you ask.  "Who is Fred and what does he have to do with math?"

If you've never met five year old Fred and your kids don't like math, then you owe it to yourself to meet him.  You can find him hanging out in the "Life of Fred" math books.  These books were written to get students to realize that math can be:

  1. Relevant
  2. Fun
  3. Interesting

Yes, it really can be all three of those.  That is what I love about these books.  The author, Stan Schmidt, wrote these math books with those items in mind.  The math concepts to be taught are woven throughout the story, which is usually about a day in the life of Fred.

  • Math suddenly becomes relevant by seeing it used in very real examples.
  • Math suddenly becomes fun when the students want to keep going so that they can find out what happens next.
  • Math suddenly becomes interesting when Fred throws out other bits of information that have nothing to do with math.

If you are looking for a change in your math curriculum, consider taking a look at the "Life of Fred" math series.  It is designed for students with a 5th grade reading level and begins with the first book about fractions.

If you are interested in finding out more, I've included this link to my website where you can read up on each of the books in the series.  Give it a whirl now and see for yourself that math doesn't have to be a chore everyday!