Monday, May 5, 2008

Musings of a Simpler Life

This past weekend my husband and I got the chance to get away to celebrate our 20th Anniversary which will be occurring this month. We stayed in a quaint one-room cabin at a state park, ate a lot of good food and walked among God's creation. During this time of walking through the woods, we talked about living the "simple" life of days gone by. You know, the days when your work was mainly tied to your immediate survival. Hardly simple, I know, but the people who lived back then didn't have all of the STUFF that bogs us down today. Would it be possible to live this "simple" life now-a-days? How hard would you have to fight against society to live a life where all that you did each day was tied to meeting the basic necessities of your life? My husband thinks it would be neat to build all your own furniture. Would it lose some of its charm if you had to do it? Quite often we think how neat it would be to make everything from scratch, grow most of your own food, make you own clothing. How neat would it be if that was what you had to do in order to survive? I keep following Mark Mallet's blog and I often wonder if we might not be heading toward events that would require us to live this simple life. How hard will it be to adjust if we are forced into it (due to events that might happen in the world)? Would we do better if it was by choice? I know these are a lot of questions and no answers, but that is why I titled this post "Musing..." and not "Answers..."

So, as always, one must return home and get slammed in the face with reality. It was nice, however, to be alone with my husband for 36 hours and wander, pray and muse about things that might be. Enjoy the pictures!

God Bless!

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  1. Lady Kathleen MavourneenMay 6, 2008 at 7:05 PM

    Love the photos MOTHER :)

    God Bless