Friday, July 11, 2008


While on my friend Roger's blog, Bug Tries Again, I noticed something last week that he had on there called Sky Watch Friday. I haven't had time to check out the details, but last night (which technically would be Thursday) we had these really dark and ominous looking clouds come through, so I took some pictures of them to share with you on Friday (don't know if that counts!). Fortunately, the storm that came with them was not as bad as we thought it would be - lots of rain, but mild wind compared to some of the storms we have had.

My mom told me today that on the weather channel they were calling this a shoulder cloud. It was really neat to watch it as it literally rolled across the sky.

As you can see by our brown "lawn", we really can use whatever rain God is willing to send.

I love watching skies like these, as long as I am well protected from whatever lurks inside of them!

God Bless!


  1. Laura, cool pictures, you should post them to the sky watch Friday link at and join in the fun. It's easy to do, just put your name and blog URL is the appropriate spots, and there you go. Your traffic might increase, mine kind of has, and that can't be all bad. Especially if someone sticks around to read some of your wisdom. It'll do some of them some good for sure. :)

    Oh, and I just changed my blogs name to 'A Screed in Time' because I was bored, I think. :)

    Have a great weekend, and try to get those pictures up on the sky watch link - (the pictures don't have to be from Friday).


  2. Looks like those clouds will rain down quite heavily in a minute...

  3. Hello Laura
    Thank you for joining in with Sky Watch we all wish you a warm welcome.
    Your pictures are just about perfect.. there also so the importance of Sky Watching for some.. I hope the rain fell and your lawns, garden, and all the farm fields got a good refreshing soaking.


  4. Hello from Colorado. wonderful SWF pictures. Looks like a bad storm is a coming.

  5. Hallo from north Norway. Last week I saw all Sky Watch Friday photos and they were all great, and I hope to see them all this week too. I love to travel around the world this way.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful sky watch and have a great weekend!

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  7. Very cool cloud and picturse!

  8. I love the photos Mother ={

  9. Beautiful. I too love a good long as nothing in my imediate area is struck by lightening! Pax Christi.