Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol 15


I think this week I'll go back to random thoughts. I was kind of liking that theme thing, but this week I couldn't think of a theme. Any suggestions? Besides, when Jen at Conversion Diary came up with the idea for the Quick Takes, she mentioned that it would be a forum for 7 random, unrelated thoughts. Oh well (and I'm usually the type that follows directions!)


A friend of mine asked me if I would be interested in her son's blog (since she said we seemed like the blogging type :) who is a senior at Franciscan University studying archeology. I checked out his blog, Catholicism Rediscovered, and it looks great (although it might be too deep for me sometimes!). I thought I would introduce you all to him and let you check it out for yourselves.


Why is it that very rarely are any toys we get in this house used the way they were intended. We might get a toy with a bunch of different parts, let's say a bunch of Lincoln Logs, and they use them for pig food. Or right now, Mr. 3 yo and Ms. 5 yo are using tanagram pieces to bake cookies and make sandwhiches. I guess it shows good imagination, right?


End Of The Present WorldHas anyone read the book just out that inspired St. Therese to ask her father if she could enter the convent? It looks like a great book. I suppose it will be one I will have to get and read, I just hope it doesn't take me too long. With all of the "interesting" things going on in the world today, it could be a very timely book!


Have I mentioned our upcoming performances of the "Seven Last Words of Christ"? Have you bought your tickets yet?


Last night at dinner, my husband and I got to talking about the old Carol Burnett show. Just thinking about some of the skits made us laugh. To introduce our kids to her, we found the parody she did of "Gone with the Wind". If you ever watched her show, you remember this as one of her best. Here is part I and part II of the skit "Went with the Wind". Go ahead, have a good laugh!


Well, Illinois is up to it again! If you live in this state, it is time to call your State Representative and urge them to vote NO on HB 2354 which is the Illinois version of FOCA. Bad news for all of us!
If you do not know your state representative, visit the Illinois General Assembly's web site at <> find the Legislator Lookup link at the bottom-right of the web page and when prompted enter your address and zip code. The name of your state representative and his or her contact in! formation should come up.


  1. My favorite part of the Carole Burnett's skits was when Tim Conway and Harvey Korman would start to break up.
    I LOVED that.

  2. Laura
    That Gone with the Wind skit was one of my all time favorites on Carol Burnett. I remember my brother and I rolling on the floor we were laughing so hard with the "curtain rod". I recently had to explain to my girls what a variety show was...they couldn't believe that something like that had actually been on television! Love the Lincoln Log pig food, too. I've never heard of the book and looks like I may have to get it, too. Many thanks for a great post today. God bless, Dolores H

  3. Laura...we just had a discussion on my Carmelite online group about "The End of the Present World". One member has read it and said it was good but did not affect him in the same way it affected St. Therese. We know that every spiritual book is going to affect each soul differently depending on what that soul needs. Others mentioned they don't want to get "caught up" in the prophecy aspect of it...that our main focus as Carmelites should be prayer and sacrifice and to always be prepared to meet our Lord. So, I don't know if I am going to read it...I am going back and forth about it. I have to watch since I can be a spiritual book glutton!