Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catholic Giving

A friend sent me this article out of the bulletin from St. John Cantius this weekend. The Brothers of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius are very orthodox and are doing all they can to bring reverence back to the Mass. I know that people travel far distances to attend Mass here, especially the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Unfortunately, we have yet to make it there, but I hear that the church itself is quite beautiful.

Anyhow, here is an interesting article and some food for thought:

A few months back there was an article in the Chicago Tribune which spoke about a seminar conducted at Loyola University under the title “Satan Seminar”. This was a three day workshop which basically praised Satan and all his works. Students attending the seminar found the theories more helpful than heretical. One therapist went away from the seminar with the attitude “I think it will help one to see Satan as God’s advocate,” “it will help them [her patients] understand that some truth can come through this dark and frightening experience. An agent of God can be an agent of healing.”

We know and hear of other “Catholic” institutions condoning all sorts of anti-Catholic seminars, classes, attitudes. Most “Catholic” institutions are catholic in name only for they have given up teaching of the Faith years ago. Today we hear of the flurry, outrage etc. of Notre Dame inviting the President to speak at the graduation and receive some type of award. With thousands of protests from alumni and concerned individuals the program pushes forward with the attitude from the administration, “we expected this reaction.” Yes the Guard has changed and changed dramatically.

Could someone answer this question? Why do so many people continue to support these so called institutions by sending their children to them for studies; continuing to support programs run by these institutions; by leaving them enormous sums of money in their wills?

In the past a number of our parishioners have remembered the parish or the Canons in their wills, which assisted us greatly. However, I know of a number of individuals who plan to leave large portions of their estates to so called Catholic institutions, ignoring the fact that they no longer adhere to Catholic teaching. If you have a will and plan to support your “old alma mater” check to see what they are presently doing as regards teaching the Faith. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR WILLS AND BEGIN TO SUPPORT COLLEGES, PARISHES, RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES THAT ARE FAITHFUL TO THE MAGISTERIUM.
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A WILL PLAN TO MAKE ONE. If more people would take this advice, maybe, just maybe the tables could be turned. In the meantime, by leaving funds, bequests, estates to Institutions that are truly obedient and faithful to the Church you would be helping these institutions, most of which have developed over the last twenty years or so, continue their good work.