Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Plate is Full!

God is good. He might make us wait in agony for awhile, keeping us on our knees until the last minute, but He always comes through. Since my post on decision making, many things have been going on around here; things that will continue to keep us hopping for the next couple of months. I sense that there will be a lot more quick-type posts over this time period, but then again, you never know what will pop up! For right now, here is an update on a few items of interest:

- ACT score came in for Ms. 17 yo. She did an excellent job, which means that over the next few months we will be trying to get some applications out and essays written, all the while praying for some good scholarship opportunities. Can't wait to see where God is leading her on this one!

- While some doors are opening, some big-time doors have been shut. We were kind of hoping to make a move about 12 hours south of here, but at this time that does not appear to be in the works. Instead, in about one month, (yes, right before Christmas) we will be moving 20 minutes east. Of course, NOTHING is packed yet, so you know what we'll be doing for the next few weeks.

As an aside, moving seems much more like an Advent event rather than a Christmas Octave event, doesn't it? I mean, what a great penitential act - packing up the entire contents of your house and barn and moving them down the road two weeks before Christmas. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Could make for some interesting blog material ;)

- About a month ago, my husband, older three daughters and I decided to work together to get a bunch of new things going on my website. One of the projects we've started is to create a newsletter that will come out, hopefully, every 6 weeks. Volume One is slated for sometime around the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. (Yes, right around the time we are supposed to be moving :) If you haven't signed up for the newsletter yet, you can go here and do that. Once you sign up, you can download our FREE ebook entitled "10 Secrets to a More Joyful Homeschool".

I'm also supposed to be working on converting my workshop, "A Plan for Joy in the Home" , into a down-loadable workbook. I'm very excited about this project as it will mean the ability to share this information with a lot more people. However, I'm finding it very difficult to carve out the time to work on it. I had hoped to have it ready before Christmas...

- Oh yeah, Christmas. I suppose that will mean some shopping will have to be happening, too. Thank God for late-night internet orders! BUT, where will I hide things? What address will I have them shipped too? I can feel my brain starting to go into overload again...

So, welcome aboard our ride. I'm sure it will be filled with many joys as well as sorrows, but I know that through it all, God will be directing things in a way that only He can do. Please pray for us as we venture forth. I'll check in with updates as often as I can.

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  1. Thanks for all the info...as to "shipping" do you have a local "friend" you can have things shipped to and then pick up when you have the chance? That answers the "where do I hide them" question as well...It also would add less stuff to a move that will already be fairly intense :)
    Looking forward to the newsletter...whenever it happens...don't stress too much.
    Pax Christi!