Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post Vacation Post

I haven't been around for awhile. I'm sure you can tell that based on the date of my last post :) Lest you think I've fallen off the blogging wagon, we had a chance to take a bit of a respite last week and had a nice time just relaxing. It was nice (the weather was good and no one got sick), but it is always hard to jump head first back into the rat race. I just kept thinking all the way home that I'm so tired of multi-tasking! Is multi-tasking a necessary part of our lives? Were we created to multi-task? I think not, but it seems that it is a necessary evil if we want to get everything done.

This past week also taught me that the "almost" end of the school year is not a good time to go on vacation! Everyone seems to think that the school year has magically ended. Alas, it has not. The two soon-to-be graduates are almost done, but sadly the others must forge ahead for a bit longer. Once we find the house again (you know, the one buried under the laundry and long grass), we will hit those books and hopefully finish up soon.

Speaking of school, the kids kept insisting that they didn't have to learn anything while we were on vacation, but that didn't stop them from getting excited when we had lunch on Saturday in Georgia and visited the "Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History". Prior to our visit, I didn't know anything about the Civil War's great locomotive chase. We got to learn all about it and see the "General" him (her?) self. We are such suckers for a Civil War site!

Well, once I get caught up on everything, I hope to have a few classic photos to share. Right now they are all still on the camera and I haven't gotten around to getting them off yet. In the meantime, I hope your school year is wrapping up the way you would like it to!


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