Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer School

It's Saturday again and we're back out for our second week of summer school, aka the Farmer's Market! We signed up with our local Farmer's Market to sell a couple of things and boy has it been a great learning experience so far...and it's only been one week!

Here is the gang with their table of Mystic Monk Coffee (my husband's venture) and the kids with their trail mix and lemonade. The coffee is a success, just as we had thought. There are so many die-hard coffee drinkers out there that even the sun and heat don't stop them from sipping their favorite brew!

As the morning wore on and the sun got hotter (and they put up a sign so that people KNEW they were selling lemonade) the kids' side of the table picked up nicely. The lemonade attracted the crowd and it gave the kids a chance to tell them all about their Gourmet Trail Mixes that they had made. Can I just say that I am amazed at the number of people out there with peanut allergies! What's that all about??? Fortunately they had a mix without any peanuts!

Here I am with my soap display. The breeze was blowing just right, so the many fragrances of the soaps were attracting people my way. I had to laugh because I had one man come up to the table, stand proudly before me and declare, "I just LOVE soap!" At which point his wife walked up, noticed where he was standing and said, "Oh my, you've found soap...He just LOVES soap!" I hope to see him often :)

Well, this week we are tackling this without our four oldest daughters. Hopefully it will all go well. We need to make a few marketing changes to attract more attention to the Trail Mix so I'll try to take more pictures of our ideas and let you know how they turn out!

What fun this is to do this together: to brainstorm, try new things, learn how to make change :), see what works and what doesn't and meet and talk to so many wonderful people.

This week, check out a Farmer's Market near you. You might be amazed what you will find. I can't wait till the farmers actually get here!


  1. This sounds like a wonderful experience for the family to share. I wish I had some good ideas and a local farmer's market to do this too. Stumbled upon your blog recently and looking forward to future posts.

  2. Well today's market was a little slower than last weeks but a lot sales were down but lemonade sales were up! We were also down four helpers, but the younger kids did great! Mr 9 yo was great at lemonade sales and Mr 5 yo is making a name for himself (surprised?) as quite the salesman. His job was to hand out free samples of the trail mix. This worked out quite well. I didn't have time to take pictures as I didn't have my backup helpers!
    What great fun!
    God Bless.