Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy All Saint's and All Soul's Day

Happy All Saints Day and All Souls Day! I really do love the month of November - filled with prayers for those who have gone before us and ending with prayers of thanksgiving for the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us.

This year we broke a long tradition of attending the All Saints Day party that our homeschool group puts on in favor of supporting the first All Hallows Eve party put on by our parish. The priests were very energetic and full of ideas, so we decided to try something new.

The fun began by trick or treating around the property, stopping at various stations where there was a person with candy and a pumpkin with a cross carved into it. Each pumpkin had a different type of cross on it. The kids heard a little bit about the history of that particular cross and then got to trick or treat.
Next, one of the priests had written skits about three different saints. The first was on St. Anthony of the Desert, the second (starring two of our girls) was about Blessed Mother Teresaand the third was a hoot of a skit about St. John Fischer and St. Thomas More.
My husband (not pictured) volunteered to be the narrator of this skit. His job was to interview the heads of the two saints. These guys were great. The bodies were even better! Haven't seen a skit quite like this before :)
There was another skit about the battle between good and evil that was pretty good, too. Our last stop was the room where Fr. Andy told the kids a "ghost" story about a priest in Italy who was visited by his dead pastor.
On our way to the Hall of the Saints, we stopped to say hello to the most beautiful Lady in the world
Then went into the Hall of Saints to play games and get even more candy. They had some fun games to play and everyone had a great time.
Upon entering the Hall, everyone got a big paper scapular and a crown - and did I mention more candy!

With time, hopefully this will all end up on my website as another page of great ideas for future Saints' parties.

Hope you have a blessed two feast days and a great month.

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