Sunday, November 28, 2010

Welcome to Advent

Here we are...the first Sunday in Advent! You would think from the picture above that I didn't know it was coming! Why is it that every year I am never prepared for the first Sunday in Advent? Why is it that at the end of the Christmas season I don't buy out all the Advent candle sets that are on clearance so that the next year we can begin Advent with a nice-looking, full set of Advent candles???

At least there is enough of the purple ones to get us through a few nights until I can hunt down some purple and pink candles. Do you realize how hard those are to find (especially if the only place you ever seem to shop is Walmart)???

Oh well, I hope this wreath is not indicative of how I am going to end up at Christmas candle short of a full wreath and totally unprepared :)


  1. We have lots of Advent candle sets at On a Wing and a Prayer:) I always get one to save for the beginning of next years advent.

  2. I know! The problem is that I never get over that way anymore! I will have to make myself get over there soon or maybe I'll pay to have them mailed to me :)

  3. You could use some greenery too!