Monday, October 17, 2011

The Up and Coming Revisions

November 27th is fast approaching and with it a very exciting time in our Church's history.  How monumental will this actually be?  I don't think we will fully know the answer to that until we meet the Lord, but from this side I think it will be pretty big.  Not since the changes of Vatican II has there been such a change in the Church.

Being a wee little one when the changes from Vatican II were taking place, I was obviously not aware of anything.  I've grown up with the Novus Ordo Mass, though in recent years I have been introduced to the Tridentine Mass and have grown to appreciate its beauty and depth.

Therefore, I am very excited about the changes that will be taking place next month.   One of my favorite changes is in regards to the Confiteor, or Penitential Act.  I always have liked the way it sounds in Latin - mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa - so to be saying that in English at least will add, imo, a lot more depth of feeling to the prayer.  

I am also excited to see that the Church is going to such lengths to inform the people.  We have read articles, received mailings and pamphlets and are aware of many instruction groups going on that are there to help everyone become familiar with the new words before they happen.  I really hope that people will take advantage of these opportunities to learn so that they won't resist or complain when the changes take place.

What an awesome time to be alive!  Let's pray that these new changes will usher in a more reverent attitude and a new appreciation for the Mass and all that it means.  God is trying to help us in these tough times, all we need to do is cooperate!