Monday, October 3, 2011

My Great Aunt

I have a 91 year old great-aunt who has seen a lot in her days.She's a tough, old, Polish lady who told us the story recently of when she met her husband.  They met at a wedding right before he was to go off to another state for training for the army.  While he was at training, she wrote him a letter and asked him if he wanted to get married.  She said she would come down to the base and they could get married.  He agreed, so she went down there, they got married, she stayed for the week and then went home.

Her husband died about 25 years ago.  Since then, she has seen all of her siblings die, as well as most of, if not all of, her close friends.  Today, her only son died of a heart attack while he was waiting for the bus.

She has always been very active in the church and her community.  She has suffered and survived so much, but I fear this latest blow will be the last she will have to suffer.  Her son had never married and had lived with her all these years.  Now that he is gone, I fear she feels she has nothing left to worry about.  Please, if you will, pray for the repose of her son's soul, as well as for her, that she may live out her remaining time here on earth (whether it be one day or a few more years) in peace, health and safety.