Friday, December 12, 2008

7 Quick Takes Friday

Happy Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

It's 7 Quick Takes Friday again so here goes:


As I said here, I went on a Christmas shopping spree this past Monday. It was not very fruitful. It seems that even more so than in years past THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE! I came home frustrated and tired and did exactly what I should have done in the first place, sat in front of my computer and ordered everything online. I did so well that my credit card company called this morning to verify all the activity!


We participated in the amnesty program at our library this week. For a limited time they were erasing all library fines in exchange for donations of baking items (you know, flour, oil, etc). I probably donated more than I had in fines, but it still felt good to imagine I was getting a break!


A friend tipped me off to a good deal over at Sophia Institute Press. This is a list of books that they are selling at only $2 a piece. I have my eye on "Keep It Simple" - it looks like a good read right about now. I also ordered "Saint Worship and the Worship of Mary" to help us with the neighboring Lutheran Pastor. Hopefully it is an easy enough read to just pass along to him.


Speaking of the Lutheran Pastor, our friend had a meeting with him yesterday. They had some discussion and it seems as if the Pastor will be correcting his error on the Immaculate Conception, however everything else that our friend said was met with "Well, where is that in the Bible?" There are three Catholic homeschooling families in the neighborhood so maybe we'll invite the Pastor and his wife over for some dialogue. We meet every Monday night to pray the rosary together, maybe that would be a good place to start!


I just loved that story about the Girard family. After I posted about it, I was looking around the website some more and came across some newspaper articles. What disturbed me about them were the comments that came after the articles. Why is it that people have to be critical about even really nice things? Why do they get so hung up about things that don't have anything to do with them? It was so disappointing to read people complaining about this family getting a new home. On a better note, however, the episode about the Girard's and their new home will air on February 8th at 8 eastern/7 central. I'll try to remind everyone about it as the date approaches.


You just have to love Illinois politics. Chicago is famous for its Democratic political machine and now, not only do we have one former Governor in jail, but the current one is potentially on his way for allegedly trying to sell Barak Obama's senate seat. It will be interesting to see just how this goes.


Sorry to end on a disturbing note but I cannot believe the audacity of Planned Parenthood of Indiana. It seems as if they have been offering gift certificates that you can purchase for their "services". How ironic is that to give someone you love a gift card for an abortion or contraception on the very feast day that celebrates birth! Lord Jesus, have mercy on us!

God Bless!


  1. Hi! I just popped over from Conversion Diary (which I just finally subscribed to!) and I'm so glad you were one of the first ones because my not-napping toddler probably means I'm not going to read very many others.

    Anyway. Your mention of the Lutheran pastor struck a chord with me, as I am married to a very faithful Lutheran (MO Synod). I've recently begun quietly praying for his joyful conversion so we can fully worship as a family. Not too long ago I found a link to a document that I thought was great -

    Sorry, I am SO not HTML savy, so if it doesn't come through, please send me an e-mail at lkuehn at catholicweb dot com and I'd be happy to e-mail you the link. It's a very long document, although it's broken up into sections, so it seems longer than it is.

    Many blessings to you as you defend our faith! I have only recently began reading about the actual attacks on Catholicism (especially by evangelicals) and I am thankful that I have been so sheltered until now.

  2. Hi, KimP here, via "Conversion Diary"! I had to comment on your Seventh "Quick Take". Oh. My. God. Gift certificates from Planned Parenthood. The gift that does NOT keep on giving. I would think it was a sick joke if I didn't know any better. Thanks for highlighting this practice; it certainly gives us so much to pray for.