Monday, December 15, 2008

A Five Year Olds Take on Advent

I decided to interview my five year old daughter to find out what Advent means to her. (okay, can you tell I was at a loss for what to post???) I typed as she dictated:

"Advent is about Jesus and about loving Him and there is an Advent wreath. There's loving your neighbors, your friends, your cousins. There's three purple candles and one pink candle and pine cones and evergreen trees on the Advent wreath. If there is someone with a birthday in Advent then you would pray for them and for their birthday party. You say the rosary and pray to God. Don't be angry at your mom and dad. Don't hit your cousins, your friends or brothers or sisters. You shouldn't punch your brothers or sisters, either. You could watch Advent stuff on your TV or your computer. Sing Advent songs."

I think she has a pretty good handle on what Advent is about; especially the part about not punching your brothers and sisters :) If only everyone in the house would listen to her. I'm impressed that she didn't say anything like: Advent is about watching mom run around like a crazy lady as she tries to keep up with everything! Or about how it's all about what she wants for Christmas. Maybe we're making some headway around here?!

I asked my three year old if he had anything to say about Advent. His response, "Uhh, no." Oh well, maybe in a few years...

God Bless!

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