Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time to Start Thinking About School

New Year's is almost upon us, so that means it is time to start thinking about school again. We have just spent the past month in what I termed "Advent Immersion School" - you know, kind of like a month long religion class. At first I felt guilty about not cracking a traditional school book for the whole month, but when I look back at all the things we did instead, I feel that we had a good month of learning!

Anyhow, since it is almost time to get back to that sit-down-and-open-up-a-book type of learning I guess it's time to decide what our main theme is going to be and how we are going to organize our time. I set out for Adoration last night with my note pad and schedule in hand, having a pretty good idea of what it was I wanted to think about. That's what I love about Adoration - it usually ends up being completely different than what I had "planned".

Right before we left, I had an impulse to throw into my bag this magazine that I had started looking at yesterday. It's a Christian based magazine, so I didn't feel too guilty, but yet I wasn't sure that it was what I should be spending my time on in Adoration. Nonetheless, I brought it with but told myself I wouldn't spend a lot of time reading it.

After spending some time in prayer, I felt this strong pull to get out the magazine and I ended up spending the rest of the hour reading the whole thing. The neat thing about it was that it gave me some good direction about what it is I think we are supposed to be studying in school. It's not where I thought we would head, but I always try to be open to Inspiration.

That's one of the amazing things about God: He doesn't always lead you where you think you should be going. I didn't want to "offend" God by reading a magazine in His presence, but I found out that it was precisely what He did want me to do! Hopefully we will continue to be led in the right direction once we begin our schoolwork again. Once I get it more organized, I'll let you know the direction we're headed. Maybe it will spark some ideas for you, too.

God Bless!


  1. Oh Laura, I just returned from Holy Mass saying to myself...we've got to start thinking about school now and organizing the house and thoughts back towards school....yuck....and the basement...well I'm trying very hard not to think about THAT! God bless, Do

  2. As an RCIA participant, I have not been to adoration yet, but I want to try it. For some reason it amazes me the things that you can take and do there (I am remembering Jen at Conversion Diary and her lists) and now your homeschool magazine. It seems like it should be such a formal thing, but what a reminder that God is in the small details too.