Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Re-evaluation Time

Well, here it is, September 1st, the day I set to re-evaluate my blogging life. It has been an interesting 1 1/2 months. I have accomplished A LOT! I have been set free! I have exercised! I have spent time in my house, with my children, actually getting things done! I have really not missed blogging at all!

I finally came to realize that the computer world got a hold of me and what was going on was something akin to an addiction. I didn't recognize it (or at least I wouldn't allow myself to recognize it) until I was away from it. In retrospect, it is kind of scary to realize the power that "a computer" can wield over a person.

Essentially what was happening to me was that I was spending more and more of my day in front of the computer and less and less of my day involved with my family. It started out with just posting. Then it became reading more and more blogs. Then I started to read all the e-newsletters that I would get in my inbox. Then I began to click on links within the newsletters and read those articles. AAAHHH. No wonder I wasn't accomplishing anything!

I could also feel myself having to fight a physical force of laziness. It felt like I was fighting off someone sitting on me in order to get up and do the things I knew I had to do - like cook and clean. Scary stuff. All stuff I wouldn't allow myself to admit to while I was in the middle of it.

So, you wonder, why am I telling all of this? Because I have read many other women's blogs who say that they are struggling with all of the things they need to do in their lives and I am wondering if they are suffering from the same problem as I was? Maybe this will be food for thought for someone? It certainly made me sit back and rethink the whole blogging thing.

So, you wonder again, what does this mean for my blog? I'm not 100% sure. The blog itself wasn't bad, it was my inability to control it. I think it will remain, as long as I can put it in its proper place. I will continue to visit here, although on a much more infrequent basis. If you see me back here every day again, drop me a note and ask me to step back and make sure I have things in their proper order! I think blogs have a place in the world, but for a mother of a large, homeschooling family, I don't think it should be an everyday thing. Thanks for listening. I hope this helps someone else!