Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simplicity and Love

While reading the book "I Believe in Love", I also happened to start another book about the same time that, surprisingly, is quite complimentary. The title of this book is "Keep it Simple: The busy Catholic's guide to growing closer to God" by Emmanuel de Gibergues. While this book is not written in French, it does get a little deep at times. Kind of funny when it is all about simplicity.

Actually, the book is not at all about what I thought it would be about. I was thinking along the lines of cutting things out of your schedule, organizing your life, etc.

What it is really about is how to grow in holiness by becoming simple. You know, having the faith of a child. At times I'm finding this book to be a bit deep and hard to understand (thus showing me my lack of simplicity, I suppose) while at other times it is very easy to grasp (which gives me hope). I am just thoroughly amazed at how well these two books go together. (BTW, there are links for both on the side bar a little farther down :).

Since school has started again, we have reinstated our silent reading time right after lunch. I'll usually start my 1/2 hour with the "Simple" book and then move over to the "Love" book. Today I got sidetracked by laundry, so I only got to read from the "Simple" book, but what I read was worth repeating.

This section was on how being attentive to the presence of God at all times during our day is so important. Here's a great quote from St. Teresa of Avila:

"All sins are committed because we do not think of God as really present, but imagine Him as very far away."

The author continues with this:

"If we said to ourselves, 'God is here, and I am outraging Him. God loads me with favors, and I am overwhelming Him with contempt. God died for me, and I am crucifying Him once more,' then truly love would fill our hearts - an all-powerful, infinite love wherein to find strength to rise triumphant over all difficulties."

Quite a powerful image, isn't it?

Add this to the list of books you'll want to read!

NOTE: While the road to holiness is apparently paved with simplicity, I'm finding that it is anything but simple to accomplish! Thank God for His love and mercy!


  1. Just do what you must and don't over-analyze everything!

  2. You reminded me, I STILL haven't finished "I believe in Love" -- I have really loved what I've read so far, but, like you said for the second book you're reading, that is a deep one for me. I find I have to be in the "right mood" to get a lot out of it. Thanks for the nice reflection -- oh, and look for "my" carrot picture on my blog tomorrow (Fri)! ;-) God bless your weekend -

  3. My girlfriend just finished I Believe in Love and she absolutely loved it. In fact I have it in my room right now and I plan on reading it as soon as I can. She was amazed at how everything she read seemed to be just what she needed to hear.