Thursday, August 5, 2010

Orientation Day

Yesterday my husband, daughter and I went to her new college for orientation day. What an incredible difference from when my husband and I went to school! Let's see, when we went to school it went something like this:

1. Decide to go to big state university
2. Get accepted to big state university
3. Get moved into dorm room by parents a few days before classes start.
4. Figure out who your roommate is, how to buy books, where to buy books, navigate through all the ins and outs of being away from home, etc. ALL BY YOURSELF. Maybe if you were lucky enough to have an older friend or an RA who was helpful, you might have had some guidance.

Nowadays, what a difference. We had talks yesterday that were about commuter life, student life, academic life, how the business office works, what technology is like on campus, how to support a successful college student, as well as breakfast, lunch and a dessert buffet at the end of the day!

The students had many of the same talks, but were also able to meet with their advisor (I don't even know if I had one of those in college), figure out their schedule and then learn how to use the computer system to register.

I understand that this is pretty common at colleges now. I haven't heard about the universities, though. How do they pull off such in-depth orientations for 50,000 students? Ms. 18 yo is in the biggest class so far at the college - about 600 students.

I have been freaking the kids out, however, when I tell them that I was 18 when I met their father. "You never know," I tell them, "your sister may be months away from meeting her future husband!" I love watching them look horrified!!!


  1. I remember Andy's orientation last year and was amazed at the production to be honest with you. I think there was only one session where I started wandering in my mind.

    One of Andy's friends Megan has been around a bit lately and Jenni made a comment about maybe one day Andy would marry her and Maggie said. "Ewwwwww."

    Yes, it is fun.

  2. It becomes a sport of sorts...just trying to get them to look horrrified!
    LOL. My 5 year old son is already intending to marry my friend's 4 year old daughter...they've even discussed how many children they want. Boy would they have stories to scare their children with if they actually grow up and get married!