Thursday, August 12, 2010

What We've Been Up To

Wow, it's been over a week since I've been here! Time is flying by way too fast. I wish I could say that we've been out having tons of summer fun, but it has been very hot here and when it isn't hot, the mosquitoes have been so bad that it takes all the fun out of being outside.

Last weekend we did venture out to our annual Cast and Crew party for the Girls Club that our girls are in. It was great fun as always. We watched the girls dance and perform some skits, played some games (including moms jumping rope and dads hula-hooping) and ate lots of good food.

Mr. 9 yo became Mr 10 yo this past week. He was very excited to finally enter into the double digit mode!

We've been busy with our various business ventures, too. We're still working on getting up a website for our soap and I just finished my next Catholic unit study on St. Ignatius. The Farmer's Market is going well and we are still really enjoying it!

Tomorrow night we have a wedding to attend. Thankfully the church is air conditioned but the reception is going to be outside. We're praying hard for a nice breeze to cool things off and drive the mosquitoes away.

Yes, thoughts of school keep popping into my head. The older girls are set on their classes so they will be starting soon. Now that I've finished St. Ignatius, we can get started soon, too. That is going to be our main focus (okay, besides math) for the first month of our school year. We also got our books for the big county fair that is near our house. It occurs during the week of Labor Day and every year we all try to enter a few projects. It is a great time - both educational and enjoyable - just the way school should be!

Hope your summer is wrapping up on a good note.