Friday, September 17, 2010

7 Quick Takes - Back to School Edition

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Here is my "Back to School" post - quick takes style!


We've started back this week and it has been a week of good and not-so-good! The first day was ripe with bad attitudes. Glad to know I can count on my kids to be consistent :) Once we got going, however, everyone got into the swing of things and realized that school can be fun...especially when you're doing unit studies.


So we're studying St. Ignatius and the Renaissance Era. We've been making maps of Spain and studying things like castles, the printing press, Cortes and the explorers. They loved reading about St. Ignatius' leg being shattered, having to be re-broken and then the bone having to be sawed off and his leg attached to a rack to lengthen it. Lot's of fun and interesting stuff!


Somewhere along the line someone told Mr 5 yo that he was starting school, so even though I wasn't quite ready for it, we have begun. We've spent the week making letters and numbers out of Tinker Toys, an activity which has been finding most enjoyable.


I have, however, seen signs of his obsessiveness coming out - which does not surprise me. I was trying to explain to him that those little lines that he is supposed to be tracing on are there to help him LEARN how to do it. Boy was he getting mad that he was on the first row and wasn't able to stay on the line! Some of my children don't seem to understand that school is about learning things and that you aren't expected to know them already. What, then, would be the point of school if you already knew everything?


Ms 14 yo has started ballet lessons and while I am totally consumed with the inconvenience of driving her there and back, I've agreed to give it a try. I truly cannot stand activities that occur during the dinner hour. It ends up impacting the entire family! We'll see how long I can last. On the upside, however, she has been quite helpful around the house!


Ms 16 yo has begun her Junior year and is taking on some challenging classes. School does not come as easy for her as it does for Ms 18 you and Ms 14 yo. I continue to pray that she will be able to find her way while being sandwiched between her two sisters.


Ms 18 yo has had quite a busy first week in college. She has written her first paper, gotten her first job as a Visitor's Day Ambassador (9 days out of the school year she gets to wear a red shirt and tell people how much she likes the school :), attended a Catholic club meeting and auditioned for "The Phantom of the Opera" (one of our favorite musicals!). We'll find out tomorrow if she got a part :)

All in all it has been a terribly busy week, but yet very productive. Hope your week has gone well, too!

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  1. What a sweet blog. And what an excellent window into my future. I can relate to your dilemma with ballet. These events can be so time consuming and provide some debatable value. We did ballet for two years before we decided to pack it it. I hope it works out form you guys!