Friday, September 10, 2010

The First Day of School

Well, at least for one of my kids. Here is Ms 18 yo off to her first day of college. Okay, so this is actually only Welcome Week and is filled with lots of fun stuff, but you get the idea!

I never took pictures of my kids on the first day of our school year so since I don't have one of her starting kindergarten, I figured this is the next best thing...A picture of her for the first time leaving her house to be educated somewhere else. Quite a monumental feeling for those of us who have never entrusted the education of our children to anyone else!

Even though she is commuting this term, it still is a big step for all of us. It hit me that first night that she wasn't at dinner (although, for all of you who would like to accuse us of sheltering our children...she HAS missed dinner with us before...that is not the point) it occurred to me that this is really the beginning of the her life away from us. As I pointed out to the family, unless she drops out of school, doesn't get a job and just sits around the house all day, she will not ever be "at home" the way she was for 18 years.

My husband's response? "Gee, what a way to brighten the mood around here!"

Believe me, we all know that this is a good thing, but as all of you parents out there who have a college student know, this is a time of both depression and joy. It is funny being on the other end of it! I remember going off to college and being excited about all of the new opportunities in front of me (alright, I was excited after I got used to being away!) and not really thinking much about how my family might be adjusting.

In my own parental way, I am very excited for Ms 18 yo. We were on campus on Wednesday for the family activities and I have to say...I love this school! It is a great size and I am so impressed with the way the professors and staff interact so much with the students.

So, here we into somewhat uncharted waters. While we might be seeing her a bit more than if she had stayed on campus, it is a time of mixed emotions for all of us as we all try to re-orient ourselves and find our routine.

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  1. How proud you must all be, and congratulations on #1 moving on to the big school. :-) Like all things it gets easier with the passage of time, and at least she'll be home every night still. So there is that. :-)