Monday, September 20, 2010

A Trip to the Fair

I've been wanting to do this post for awhile, but alas, school has gotten in the way :) Now that I've got a scant few moments, here are some photo highlights from our fun at the Fair!

No fair is complete without your favorite foods. Ours come in the form of these incredible donuts. It amazes me how many times we find ourselves walking past the "free samples".

Here is the owner of the aforementioned donuts! He's such a nice guy, I just had to take his picture!

One of our favorite places to visit is the Home Ec building and the cake decorating contest. Here are some highlights:

We've been hearing a lot about deep-fried, chocolate-covered bacon so we just had to try it. Doesn't look too appetizing, does it?

The votes pretty much confirm the way it looks. You can add my thumbs down to the picture, too!

What fun, we ran into our parish Priests!

My favorite animal barn!

A fair isn't complete without rides!

And then there is the end of the fair, when you have to stand in endless lines to pick up your projects!
A fun time was had by all! Thanks for coming along.