Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ordinary Time

Here we are, back in Ordinary Time. The Christmas season has flown by and I can't believe all (well, most) evidences of it are removed from our house...all except the lights in front. Those will have to wait for warmer days.

It has been very busy around here and alas, my blog has been neglected. Funny thing about blogs, if they get neglected for too long, suddenly there is no one left. No matter, I enjoy writing just to write!

Christmas was a wonderful and busy time. It was good to all be back under the same roof, although it did take awhile for all of us to adjust to life together again. We passed the time with shopping, baking, Wii-ing and entertaining. We got a Wii Fit this year and I love it! It has motivated me to get out of bed early and exercise. That is no small miracle! New Year's was quiet, but that is okay because it isn't high on my list of favorite holidays.

We had our last batch of entertaining this weekend and now we are ready to settle back in to ordinary life; which means running around doing ordinary things, not holiday things. Same stuff, different purpose :)

Ms 18 yo is back for her second term and everyone else is gearing up to buckle down. With November being a month full of sickness and December being a month full of preparation we have definitely lost our groove. Hopefully we will get it back before February hits - the dreaded month of cabin fever!

May your Ordinary Time be extraordinary :)