Friday, April 1, 2011

Movie Recommendation

We've been on a great run of good movies lately.  There have been times when we've gone almost a year without watching a newly released movie, so to see three good ones in the past week has been fun and refreshing.

(Okay, I'm only going to talk about one, but the other two we watched were "The Tourist" and "Tangled".  Both good movies!)

The one that most surprised me was "Megamind".  When my husband and I had seen the previews at the theater, we weren't that impressed and so we just pushed it off the radar screen.  Recently it came out on video and a friend recommended it because she said it had a really good message.  We were looking for a weekend movie to watch so we tried it.

What a hoot!  We loved it.  So much so that my husband, who rarely watches movies more than once, agreed to watch it a second day in a row.  It was funny, the music was good (good ole 80s hard rock, but I liked that they would cut the song off before any offensive language was heard!) and the moral of the story was great:  evil doesn't pay!  In fact, an often quoted line in the movie is:

As long as there is evil, good will rise up against it.

And that is just what happens.  The main character, who was "forced" through a set of circumstances into a life of evil, has a chance to turn it around and do good. What a great story for all ages.  I might be behind the times here, but if, on the off chance you haven't seen this movie yet, by all means run out and rent it this weekend!

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  1. Thpathe (space) dad recommends it :D