Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When God Writes Your Love Story

I just finished reading a very good book entitled "When God Writes Your Love Story" by Eric and Leslie Ludy.  Ms 19 yo had gotten it for her birthday from a friend and it looked intriguing so I decided to give it a read.  I am very glad that I did.

Written by a now-married couple, the book tells the story about how each of them independently came to the realization that they needed to turn over the pen of their love life to God and let Him write a love story for them.  It tells of their struggles, their fears and their successes as they learned how to immerse themselves in Jesus Christ and to relish this time of singleness as they waited to see who, if anyone, God would bring into their lives for them to marry.

This book is funny, touching, sad and romantic all at the same time.  It was fascinating to read about how God led each of them to completely trust in Him to find the right person.  Neither one of them had led exemplary Christian lives, so seeing how they repented of their former ways and began to trust was very moving.

Besides being a great guide for the youth of today, the book was packed full of great advice for everyone.  There is an incredible chapter on the role of the family in a young person's love story; family in the sense of their existing family and not their future family.  This chapter is something we can all learn a lot from.  

There were some very memorable lines interspersed throughout the book, too.  Like one I am going to have tattooed on my arm:

You are only as holy as you are at home.

Wow, that one really packs a punch, doesn't it?  You could meditate on those 10 words for quite awhile.  Or this one,
There are two ways each of us can approach life; spending our days meeting our needs or looking for ways to meet others' needs.
This book is basically about getting out of the worldly dating game, giving yourself over to a life of falling in love with Jesus Christ, our eternal bridegroom, and letting Him script your love story; letting Him take the lead and letting your future spouse, if there is to be one, find you in Him.

To end with, there's a lot of great stuff about the beauty of purity, which is a message that is seldom heard by most young people of the world.  Here is a great excerpt:

As women, we are given a great gift: our purity.  It is like a priceless pearl, tucked safely away in a protective shell, growing and becoming more beautiful with time.  Our purity is so much more than just our physical virginity: it starts with who we are on the inside.  Everything that makes us who we are emotionally - our feminine nature, our sensitivity, our vulnerability, and our desire to give ourselves fully to one man - is part of that gift.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is, or knows, a young adult.  I want my husband to read it, too, because there is a lot that even we as parents can learn from it.  I am also going to share that chapter on the family with some of the other kids.  Maybe hearing it from another person's "voice" will make it sink in better :)

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  1. thanks for the review. i'm putting it on my list.

    pax Christi - lena