Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Day at a Time!

We have been utterly consumed with preparations for a production that most of my family will be in the first weekend in June.  If you've been around here before, you've seen pictures from two of our other performances, "The Seven Last Words of Christ" and "A Silent Nativity".  

Our girls are part of The Little Flowers Catholic Dance and Theatre Troupe, although occasionally the male members of our family have been known to get up on stage, too.  This year the Troupe decided to go back to a play where they had speaking parts.  It had been four years since we've done a play with speaking parts, and this time around our director, Simonetta, adapted the book "The King of the Golden City" for the stage.

If you've never read the book, you need to find it and read it with your family (or better yet, wait until I let you know how you can order a CD of the story :).  It is a wonderful book written in the 1920's by Mother Mary Loyola.  The story is really an allegory about our journey to Heaven, but tells of a young girl and the King she meets as well as the temptations she encounters along the way.

We are SO looking forward to doing this play.  It has drama, excitement and even dancing!  All the families have been working so hard that I find it is very easy to be consumed by all that we have to do.  There is very little free time, and the to do list is a mile long.  The temptation to become very focused on "self" is great.

However, it is when I see things going on around the country that are horrific, things like the horrible destruction brought about by these super-tornadoes, that I have to stop and put all of the stress and busyness into perspective.  Heck, we live in the Midwest...all of this could come to naught if a tornado ripped through our area like they've been ripping through all these other areas.

Early this morning, as the thunder and lighting were building in intensity and the sky was getting darker and darker, I sat around a table with five of my friends in our formation group and we read about abandoning ourselves to God's Will. 

As I was walking on the treadmill later today and reading a book (a great book called "The Priesthood of the Heart" by Jo Croissant), I was reading a chapter about abandoning ourselves to God's Will.  

Now my first inclination is to become fearful because I'm always afraid when I get the same message multiple times in a day that God is trying to warn me that something horrible is about to happen in my life.  And maybe it is, I don't know.  Instead of worrying, however, what I need to do in all things - whether it is in regards to my family, my life, this play and all that needs to be done - is to turn them over to God and trust that all will work out the way that He intends it to.

Over the next week and half, as I strive to keep up the pace of our schedule, I will also strive to keep everything in perspective and to keep it all turned over to the glorious Will of God!

PS.  I'm taking pictures for the performances, so even though it is not a substitute for seeing the play, I'll be sure to share them here for your viewing pleasure :)