Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Pregnancy School Part VII

This post will be brief.  Not because this child is any less special, but because the pregnancy and birth were pretty uneventful and the lessons learned were very "to the point"!  

When baby number 5 was born, the whole house rejoiced because this baby was different...this baby was a BOY!  Wow, after four girls in a row, what a change of pace.  Bring out the blue!  The girls were thrilled that it wasn't another girl.  My husband was ecstatic.  NOT that he didn't love his girls, but...well, you know, 

Lesson #1:  It is very important for a man to have a son.

Another important thing I learned was:

Lesson #2:   Sons are different than daughters.

I remember during my babysitting years as a teen that I always seemed to get called by families with three boys.  I remember on many occasions telling God in no uncertain terms that He better not give me three boys in a row when I had my children. Because of this, I learned

Lesson #3:  God does indeed have a sense of humor.

I know now that He honored my "request" not to have three boys in a row, and instead, in all of His infinite wisdom, He sent me four girls in a row, which I believe have been more challenging to raise than any three boys would have been!  I know He has been chuckling ever since :)

Now that we had "our boy" people naturally assumed we were done.  I always had to chuckle at that one because every time I would have a baby, very shortly thereafter I would "know" that there was at least one more coming!  True to form, I new there was another one in the wings.  The question was...when?