Friday, May 27, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday May 27 2011


Life has been crazy around here but I wanted to try and put together a few tidbits since I haven't been a very active blogger lately. (and yes, this is a lame 1st quick takes!  sorry :)


Friends of ours decided at one time that "gluteous maximus" sounded like the name of a Roman soldier.  Of course this struck a cord with some of my children and so now they refer to their backside as their Roman soldier.  The other day we were driving over some rather bumpy rail road tracks when Mr. 7 yo yelped, "Wow, my Roman soldier un-touched my booster seat!"  Gotta love the grammar and thought processes of those young uns!


Yesterday, I had the four youngest children with me when we ran some errands.  One of our destinations involved parallel parking, which is something I try to avoid at all costs because I'm usually driving a 15 passenger van.  This day, however, we had the small car so I said, "I can do this.  This will be easy!"  Sure enough, I zipped right into the spot in no time at all.  When the children got out of the car, they were all happy to announce that both of my tires were up on the sidewalk (mind you, it was a LOW sidewalk, which is why I didn't feel the car going up)!  Ms. 12 yo, trying to make me feel better said, "Well, at least it felt easy, right mom?"


Since we've been taking Reliv and feeling A LOT better and more energetic, my husband and I have taken up exercising.  He, in fact, has taken up running for the first time in his life!  Many a morning I wake up to the "thud, thud, thud" of him running on the treadmill downstairs beneath the bedrooms.  I'm proud to say that he will be running in his first 5K race on Monday!  My goal is  to walk in one sometime this summer...I'm not quite ready, yet :)


I'm taking some pictures today for the rehearsals of "The King of the Golden City".  There is one shot in particular that I am trying to capture. And here it is:

Here it is in "creepy" mode:


Our school year is pretty much over.  Just a few minor details to finish up for some of the kids that we'll get to after the play.  I have to say that this was a pretty good year.  We had some great learning experiences while we worked our way through our two unit studies this past year.  I'm convinced that unit studies are a great way to learn, especially with multiple grades.  If you've never done one, consider one for over the summer or next year. 


A big thanks this coming weekend to all of the people who have and who continue to defend our country and our freedom!  Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend!