Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday June 10 2011


I think we have finally all recuperated from exhaustion and from the cold most of us got from being involved in a week of long hours and little sleep.  It is nice to feel human again :)

However, life does not slow down, which I suppose could be a good thing.  Next week we are heading up to the land of 10,000 lakes!  We found a nice campground (I hope) near two of those 10,000 lakes and we hope to spend some time biking, hiking, swimming (or at least sunning as I'm sure the water will still be quite chilly) and other camping type things.  It will be good to get away.  

It is always good to have a backup plan, however, and in case of rain (which is what the 10 day forecast is showing) we aren't going to be all that far from the Mall of America.  Sounds like a great rainy day opportunity to me and I'm sure the kids would love it.


Our three oldest children will be participating in the "Fairy Tale Novel Forum Get-Together" while we are up there.  What is that, you ask?  Well, essentially it is an opportunity for fans of Regina Doman's Fairy Tale novels to get together, do fun things, learn from Regina and others and have a great time.  This year there will be an additional event.  One very talented young lady has produced a movie of Regina's first book "The Shadow of the Bear".  The premiere for the movie will be next week and we are all very excited to be attending.


We still have a bit of unfinished schooling to attend to and I keep telling myself that we will finish it up after we get back from vacation.  It sounds good now, I just hope that when I do get back, I can stick to my resolve to get it done. I truly am horrible at doing book work in the summertime!  Two of the kids, however, are attending a summer writing workshop and some of them are attending a speech workshop so I am consoling myself with that.


I took over 1,000 pictures during our performance of "The King of the Golden City" and I'd like to share some but can't decide if I should pick pictures I like because of their color and overall effect or if I should pick pictures that represent the story?  Maybe a little of both:
 The King visiting Dilecta for the first time in her hut.

 The King giving Dilecta her Prince Guardian and her lamp

 A pretty picture of the dancing trees

 Fun at the fair

 Malignus tempting the children at the fair

 Dilecta using her telescope

Dilecta heading off to the Golden City
In conjunction with "The King of the Golden City", I'm involved in an exciting project which will bring this play to life in the form of a coloring book.  We have a very talented young lady who will be sketching the images from the play so that when you read the story or listen to the CD, you and your kids will have a coloring book to go along with it.  As soon as it is done, I will give you all of the ordering information.  Please pray that we can finish it in a timely fashion.
7 1/2 
Have a great Father's Day!!


  1. Beautiful ohotos & a lovely idea.
    What a great way to present the story and have everyone REMEMBER it!
    I too am awful at "summer work" but we HAVE to do some this year :)
    I made myself accountable by adding school work to the daily chore charts that they check off for allowance payments!
    We are headed to Catholic Familiyland this year for July 4th week. There are about seven families form our homeschool group going!
    Hope you have a great time on Vacation!
    Pax Christi, Elizabeth

  2. Wow...great pics. I just purchased that book for my youngest who will be preparing for her First Holy Communion next year. I hope you enjoy your time away with your family ~ Theresa

  3. @Elizabeth - Thanks, and have a blast at Catholic Familyland. We haven't been there in about 10 years but it is a great place to go!

    @Theresa - Thanks, I know you'll enjoy the book with your daughter. Hopefully the coloring book will be done before she makes her First Holy Communion :)