Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Love of Water

After spending time this past week driving past a lot of water, I spent some more time pondering the awesomeness of it!  To me, water is the thing in creation that I can most associate with God.  Water can be gentle and soothing or it can be loud and mighty.  Water can bring things to life but it can also destroy.  Whenever I'm near a body of water, I find it very easy to put myself in the presence of the Lord.

Last Friday was a bit of a stressful afternoon, but we finally got out for our bike ride and at one point we crossed a bridge over a small stream coming out of a lake.  I stopped because the sound of the waves lapping against the shoreline were so very soothing.  I could have stood there for a very long time just relaxing to that sound.  

A bit farther down the trail we had to stop because the river flooded over the bike path.  There, the water was loud and moving very quickly over the rocks, but strangely enough, it was just as soothing.  

Again, I could have sat there for quite some time just watching it flow past me, except for the fact that it was dinner time and we were all very hungry :)

The most fun vacations for me usually have something to do with water, whether it involves an ocean, a lake or a log ride!  I would also be quite content to move one more time to a nice Victorian style house on a lake just so that I could spend my morning prayer time out on my screened in porch enjoying the soft, lapping sounds of the waves on the shore.  Ahhh, heaven on earth.

Oh well, for now I will just have to be content with the occasional river that runs through our yard after heavy rainfalls!