Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It is Finished!

We have survived!  "The King of the Golden City" performances were awesome!  The crowds loved it - 3 out of 4 sold out shows!  This week was supposed to be catch up week:  you know, the mail, the bills, the laundry, the food shopping. All of that stuff that doesn't get done when all you do for a week is run in late at night, sleep, get up, pack your food for the day and run out the door.

I guess all of that will still get done, but life doesn't stop so that you can do it, does it?  Life goes on!  Two of the kids start a summer writing class that a friend of ours is teaching and today we bring Ms 19 yo home from college, which means more stuff piled up in the house till we find room for all of it!

Tonight is our homeschool graduation Mass.  Thankfully I don't have a graduate this year, but I get to take pictures of the ones who are graduating! Very exciting.

Speaking of pictures, I have about 1000 of them from this past weekend.  Many of them will be deleted because of how blurry they are (it is VERY difficult to take pictures of moving and dancing people in low light!!) but there certainly are enough keepers.  The pictures of Malignus and the creatures are very creepy looking.  When I get some done, I'll be sure to post them. (If you've never read the book, you must.  It is a very good read for any age!)

So now we are off to start the usual and finish up the unfinished and thank God that our air conditioning works because we have a couple of 90+ degrees and humid days this week.