Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Plan For Joy

As I may or may not have mentioned here, I am working on converting my organizing workshop into a workbook that you can purchase and use in the comfort of your own home.  While I like the workshop approach, it is too hard for me to be in many different places, not to mention too expensive to travel there.  For that reason, I am converting my workshop into all the tools you need to get a working plan for your day up and running.

To that end, I'd like you to either here, or on my facebook page (you can "like" it by clicking on the link in the right hand column of this blog), tell me what it is that challenges you when it comes to being organized. 

Believe it or not, right now what has challenged me is actually not having a plan.  In the past I have always shied away from using a schedule in the summer time.  There was always that desire to feel free and not tied down.  Well, this summer has been so hectic that I feel that all we've been doing is running around in circles and not really accomplishing much.  

The other night it dawned on me that maybe I should implement a working schedule for these last few weeks of summer!  What a novel idea :)  So, that's where I am at; trying hard to accomplish a lot in the little time we have left before school starts.  I'd appreciate your input, so if you get a chance, jot me a note and let me know what your trouble spots are.