Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"The Hunger Games"

It isn't often that I do a book review, especially on a non-religious, fiction book.  In fact, it isn't even very often that I allow myself the time to read them.  However, this past Saturday I stumbled upon this book by chance.

Ms 19 yo had ordered the series from the library and we picked it up while we were at the Farmer's Market.  Since things were a bit slow, I picked up the first book and started reading.  Unfortunately, once I did that, I'm afraid I may have lost some soap sales, as I was far more interested in the book than I was in selling soap!

When we got home, it didn't get any better. We had to leave for the rest of the day and got home late so I didn't get anymore reading time in that day.  Fortunately my husband was on retreat this past weekend, so I did have some extra time on Sunday.  Of course, by then Ms 19 yo had also started the book so we took turns throughout the day reading it.

This book was fabulous.  A page turner from beginning to end.  I understand that they are making a movie about the book, too, due out next year.  I sure hope they remain true to the book!  I think what is so compelling about this series is that it isn't that far-fetched.  Read the books, look at the world and you can't deny that this is something that can happen.  It is compelling, scary and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time.  The other nice thing is that there is no bad language and nothing x-rated.  I sure hope that stays the same way in the movie, too.

Yesterday I finished the second book because Ms 19 yo, who is a slightly faster reader than I am, finished the first book and threatened to take the second book with her to work today.  Not being able to bear the thought of the book being gone while I hadn't finished it, I stayed up late and got it done.  Today, I am forcing myself to get work done before I really get into the third book (because, of course, I already started reading it at breakfast!).

As a side note, a really good book is great for exercise motivation, too.  I took it with me on the treadmill yesterday and before I knew it an hour had gone by.  I should have that kind of motivation every day!  

If you're looking for a great series to pass some summer time with, I would highly recommend reading these books.  I'm just glad we have all three books in the house so that there isn't any down-time in between them.  I better hurry up and get started, I'm sure Ms 19 yo will have devoured book two before the day is out and will be breathing down my neck for the third before long!