Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Time is winding down...the clock is will be starting soon in our house.  Maybe in your house it has already begun?  If so, good for you.  We used to always start by the 15th of August.  Not so, anymore, not so.  

We still have many things to do here before the new school year starts:

- Finish the high school transcripts from last year
- clean out and re-arrange the school room
- order our new books
- finish (or should I say, start) writing the next unit study
- go on a short vacation :)
- get Ms 19 yo ready and off to her sophomore year

I think that's it.  My plan is to get it all done in the next three weeks.  Sounds a bit impossible to me, but if grace prevails, it might actually get done.

In addition to the above list, some of us are undertaking some extra prayer and study to prepare our minds and spirits for the upcoming year.  For some reason, I think we are going to need it!

What things are on your to-do list?  Are you ready for the coming year?  Is your mind set and your heart at peace?  I sure hope so.  If not, there is still a bit of time left :)


  1. I am so looking forward to the new school year! I wish you many blessings as you begin your preparations.~Theresa

  2. Thanks, Theresa. I pray you have a wonderful year, too.
    God Bless.