Monday, August 22, 2011

Is something interfering in your homeschooling journey?

My husband and I just spent the past weekend with a couple thousand wonderful people.  I'm sure that sounds a bit odd, but we were at a convention where there were people who were joyful and full of hope and gratitude.  While it was not a convention of a religious nature, it was full of people who love God and are very faith-filled.

We heard stories of hope, many from homeschooling families, whose health had been preventing them in some way from caring for their family.  Stories from people whose children were suffering immensely or on the brink of death.  Stories of families who were able to work hard and earn enough for dad to quit his job and come home to be with the family full time.  It was enough to give anyone hope.

So I got to thinking about things that interfere with our homeschooling journey.  Many times it is simple things, like not being organized or being short on patience or just having a schedule that is way too full.  Granted, these things can be challenging and difficult to overcome.  Some of them can plague us for our entire homeschooling careers if we don't fight constantly to overcome them.

Other things that get in our way, however, are completely out of our control...a serious, sudden illness, the loss of a spouse, the loss of a job or income.  These things can devastate us and really put a halt to our ability to homeschool.  When that happens, we become desperate to find answers and pray for a miracle.

If you happen to fall into this last category of people, I can offer you hope.  After spending time with so many hopeful, faith-filled people, I'd love to share some of their hope and joy with you.  If your family is searching for an answer to an illness or financial problem that is getting in the way of your ability to homeschool your family the way you would like, just email me at and I'd be happy to share with you the hope that my husband and I have found this past weekend.