Friday, September 30, 2011

7 Quick Takes September 30 2011

--- 1 ---

I had the opportunity to chaperone my youngest daughter on her first "date" this past week.  A certain young man, to whom she has been "betrothed" since she was 2, won a gift card for Olive Garden and asked her to go with him to use it.  Of course us moms got to go along, too.  It was a fun time and a great meal.


--- 2 ---

We've been moving along rather nicely in our school work, which is a great improvement over the last half of last year.  The biggest change seems to be in math.  The middle two kids are now doing Life of Fred Fractions and, other than their test today, are enjoying it much more than the math they were doing last year.  It seems that if math goes well, the whole day goes a lot better.  I pray it lasts :)

--- 3 ---

I'm currently working on converting an organizing workshop that I had put together into a workbook called "A Plan for Joy in the Home:  A Workbook on Organizing Your Day".  Right now the book is in the layout stage.  I'm getting so excited about seeing it in its finished format.  I've seen some mockups and it is so awesome to see something you've done in an "official" looking format.  I'll keep y'all updated on the status as we move along.

--- 4 ---

I enjoy a shameless plug once in awhile, so if you don't mind, I'd like to plug Andrew Schmiedicke, the wonderful man who edited my book.  You might recognize him better by the name that occurs in his email address :) (yes, he's Regina's husband).  He was very helpful and gave me some great advice, so if you are looking for an editor, feel free to email him!

--- 5 ---

Which reminds me of a quote I read this week that Andrew and Regina shared at this year's Fairy Tale Novels Fan Get-together.  They were giving a talk to the young people present about marriage.  Regina said that marriage is a mutual crucifixion.  At that point, Andrew gave Regina a big hug and said, "Embrace your cross daily".  I love it!

--- 6 ---

Ms 17 yo and Ms 15 yo are involved in an apologetic club this year.  The kids are researching and writing up 4 to 6 minute speeches on various Catholic teachings.  The month of September focused on the Pope and the major topics that are in dispute between Protestants and Catholics.  They spend the week preparing their topic and then they present them at the meetings.  It has been a great experience so far.  Religion and Speech credit all in one "class".  I love multi-tasking :)

--- 7 ---

Thanks to Jen at Conversion Diary for putting together this new 7QT template.  She's right, even though there isn't much to it, it did make the whole post go a lot faster!  Click on the link below to join the fun.

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