Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Trials of February

I know that every year at this time I write a post along these same lines.  It has become like a tradition, so therefore I will not stop myself from doing it again this year.

If one can have seasonal affective disorder for just one month then I dare say that is what happens within the confines of this house every year during the month of February.  Cabin fever hits us and turns us all into crabby, not very fun people to be around.

Today, however, was different.  Today is Valentine's Day and I am so glad that it occurs during this month.  Today was a nice respite for all of us: siblings made valentine's for siblings, treats were shared, a united front was made for a nice luncheon and excitement has been brewing over a new dessert we're having after dinner.

What a blessing to have this holiday during one of the drabbest months of the year around our neck of the woods.  Now what we need to do is hold on to this feeling and carry it through until March.  It is funny, but as soon as March hits, things seem to lighten a bit around here.  But then again, by then it will be Lent...


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  1. It is always nice when you can see them getting along.