Thursday, August 23, 2012

Life of Fred Advanced Algebra

I have to admit that when my daughter got to this book, I really didn't remember that much about advanced algebra.  When she had a question it took me a bit of back-up reading to help her figure out the answer.

Despite that, this is another great book in the Fred series.  Math is getting serious here for both the parent and the student.  If you as a parent don't have a strong math background you might be intimidated by the content of this book.  The nice thing, though, is that there are 5 chapters that review beginning algebra concepts so those really help to refresh your student's (and your own) memory.

Some of the new concepts taught in this book include:
  • ratio, proportion and variation
  • radical equations
  • exponential equations
  • the laws of logs
  • graphing
  • conics
  • functions
  • and permutations and combinations 
Life of Fred Advanced Algebra also comes with a home companion book which I think is an essential purchase. This book takes the main book and breaks it down into 101 lessons, with lots of extra problems to help the student learn the concept.  

If you have a student who is good at math and looking to advance, this is a great next step in the right direction.  You can check out more about this book here.