Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Inspiration Strikes in the Kitchen!

The house is quiet.  Three girls are at work, two girls are at their monthly girls' club, one boy is busy with Legos and the other is reading.  Moments like these are rare and one must make a good cup of coffee and enjoy them to the fullest, which is what I am doing right now!

Today was also a productive day in the kitchen, which is also something of a rarity for me as of late - i.e. the past year or so :).  I was able to make a new batch of Kombucha tea today.  Love me some kombucha!  If you haven't ever tried it, it's easy to make and oh so good for your liver.  This isn't my recipe exactly, but it explains a bit about it and how to make it in case you're interested.

Next it was time to make a loaf of bread.  I haven't had too much luck with this as of late - again, about the past year or so.  Our bread machine makes the dough fine but then doesn't cook it right, so I made the dough in the machine and then put it in a pan to rise again before I baked it.  I must say, this time it looks picture perfect.

And the finale of the day was a pot of chicken soup.  I've never been one to make a really tasty pot of chicken soup and I don't know why.  They usually taste okay, but I've just never hit on a recipe that I love.  Today I'm trying chicken thighs instead of white meat to see if that helps.  I'll let you know if it was a smashing success.  

If it wasn't Lent, I probably would have made dessert, too.  Fortunately for my waist line, I didn't.

Like I said yesterday, I have so many projects that I want to tackle but I just don't know when there will be clarity and drive from one day to the next.  Today I found it in the kitchen, so I'll just rejoice that it was somewhere and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  

God Bless!