Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Tough Road

Have you ever noticed that when God calls you to do something He doesn't make it easy?  He makes it possible, don't get me wrong; but the road to doing His will usually isn't an easy one.

Every time the theater troupe that we are involved in does a performance, the road there is tough.  Each time we do "The Seven Last Words of Christ", the road is even tougher because of how moving this performance is.  This year has been no exception.  Difficulties, trials, frustrations, exhaustion.  All these have plagued us this past month.

In each church we perform in, there is usually about 1,000 tickets to sell.  This job is up to each of the families, as well as the parish we are performing at.  We had our first performance on Saturday evening, at one of the largest parishes in the country, and until that night, we weren't assured of a sell out.  Mind you, a sell out is pretty important because of the cost of this production.  We have professional singers and musicians that need to be paid.  A sell out insures that that will be done.

For the past week we have been praying non-stop and were rewarded with a full house.  God is good, all the time.  I guess if He made it too easy, we would have missed out on all that extra prayer time that we put into it.

And that, my friends, seems to me to be the point.  When we know we are doing what He wants, then He will give us the grace to sustain us, but will require that we still put in 100% of ourselves in prayer and sacrifice to bring it about.  The more we go through this, the greater our trust is that He will come through for us.  That's not to say we weren't sweating it this past week, but deep down I think we all knew that everything would work out okay.

We have another performance this coming weekend and, you guessed it, we're at less than 50% of our goal.  Now we have a choice.  We can sit back and say that somehow it will all work out, or we can spend this week in prayer and sacrifice again so that God can shine forth with another miracle and another full house.  Will you join me in praying that we can reach as many souls as possible with this performance?  Thanks :) 

 God Bless!