Monday, June 9, 2014

A Smile for a Monday

Today was our first official day of summer vacation (last week didn't count because we were too busy) and I am happy to say that the kids are still doing the minor daily work that I had them start last week!  One week is an accomplishment for us!

Mr 9 yo has a math sheet and some reading sheets to keep up with every day, so when we got home from Mass I set him off to get working on them while the rest of us cleaned up the garage from the weekend festivities.  

After awhile I noticed that he was out and about so I told him to go get his sheets so I could take a look at him.  A few moments later he appeared in the doorway with all of the sheets and blankets off of his bed.  "Here you go," he said to me.  

"Why did you take all of that off your bed?" I asked.

"Because you said you needed to see my sheets."

After we were all done laughing, we washed his sheets and then I graded his "papers". 

"Just call them 'papers' okay??"

"Sure, Son.  Sorry about that!"

God Bless!