Thursday, June 5, 2014

Since Last Time...

What a crazy busy week this has been!  Last weekend was the Quinceanera and boy was that a blast.  Lots of good food, good music and hours of dancing.  Let's just say that Sunday wasn't terribly productive - we were just resting in the Lord; kind of like we're supposed to, I guess :)  Oh, and we had a wake to go to.  And we had another wake to go to on Monday evening.  Who else is like me and waiting for that third one to pop up soon??? 

Tuesday evening was our annual home school group graduation.  Mr 13 yo graduated from 8th grade. Quite the character, he is.

He's our first boy graduate and, let me tell you, a lot easier to get ready!  No hair, no makeup, no nails needing to be painted.  He's too young to shave, so just put on some clean clothes, grab the graduation garb and run out the door.  

We had a nice Mass and a reception afterwards with lots of good food and desserts. 

We're like every other family in that we argue and don't always get along, but most of the time my kids like each other and know how to have fun together and that puts a smile on this mama's face.

The rest of this week is devoted to getting ready for his party this weekend and also another 50th anniversary celebration.  

I sure hope summer doesn't go by as fast as this week has!

 God Bless!