Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes on school, busyness and food (what else??)

Well I haven't blogged all week, so why not do a quick takes to give you a run down on what's been going on; that is, if you've been wondering what's been going on.  Hopefully you have and that is why you are here.  Welcome and happy Friday.
After rushing through school on Monday so that I could go back to bed and sleep off my cold, I woke up Tuesday feeling much better.  It is still taking us some time to get into the groove once we get home from Mass in the morning, but we did manage to get most of the work done before the four kids went off to a friend's house for a meeting the boys were having for their video club.  One of the dads arranged for them to go to a town hall meeting and work with the young man doing the video recording so that was a cool, impromptu field trip that I didn't have to do anything for except drop them off.  Those are the best!
Wednesday, after getting through our work, was physical prep time for the big panel discussion I was holding at my house later that day.  We had six moms presenting how they've homeschooled through high school, and we had over 30 parents attend.  Overall, I think the main message we tried to convey was:  1. You CAN do this 2. Trust and pray  3.  God will fill in the gaps  4.  God will not abandon your children once they graduate - He will guide them and direct them if they let Him.  Everyone who attended said they felt much better and were glad they weren't going to have to have any more panic attacks (at least for the time being).

If I was successful in my endeavors, I recorded all 6 of the mom's talks so that I can somehow convince my daughter to edit and convert them for me so that I can make them available on my website so that others can listen to them.  That's a lot to accomplish when I don't really know the first thing about any of it so hopefully Ms 22 yo will have time in between classes and work to do this before too much time passes by.
Thursday I was just so tired after the couple of days we had that we got through school and I didn't really do much of anything.  Oh...except meal plan, which took hours because I'm still trying to figure out how to feed everyone the right way on the Trim Healthy Mama plan.  This really does deserve a post of its own and hopefully some day it will get one, but I have high hopes for this new way of eating.

Except for the fact that I've figured out that I am allergic to Stevia and most other sugar substitutes (like anything ending in -ol).  Kind of frustrating when everything sweet in this plan depends on Stevia and Erythritol.  I'm trying to figure out how to work around this.  Any ideas?
It's a 3 day weekend and that is exciting.  We have dinner plans, around the yard plans and swimming plans.  Unfortunately, the weather service is predicting two days of rain.  Hopefully they will be wrong.  Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

God Bless!