Friday, August 15, 2014

An Unexpected Treat

Thursday was a beautiful, sunny, pleasant day.  We were doing our thing around the house (I was knee deep in the middle of planning high school schedules for two of the kids) when a stranger knocked on our door.

I was greeted by a nice lady from down the road a piece who was wondering if she could park her truck and horse trailer on our driveway so that she could ride her horse down the tree-lined road next to our house.

Sure!  Why not?  Cars are in and out of here all the time and our yard has been used as a parking lot on many occasions.  A few hours later she pulled up and brought out a beauty of a horse.  She told us that he is a retired competitive jumper and show horse and that he is about 18 years old.  

As she rode away, she told the kids that when she came back they could get up on him if they wanted to and walk around the yard.  A few hours later, that is exactly what they did. 

Ms 11 yo remembers our horse and remembers riding on him, but Mr 9 yo was a bit young back then so he only has a recollection of seeing a picture of him up on the horse with me holding him.  Boy were they excited.

Our new friend told me to ask you what is wrong with these pictures?  I'll give you a second and see if you can guess.


Okay, well,  look at who is wearing the helmet.  Is it the person ON the horse?  No, it isn't.  Oh well, she had just come back from riding and didn't remember to take it off so it looks kind of humorous with her wearing it.

What a nice surprise for a stay-at-home day.  The kids who weren't home were sad that they missed it!  She said she'll be back sometime so hopefully they'll be here then.

God Bless!