Monday, November 10, 2008

A Call to Action!

Over the past few days I have come across the same message five different times. Usually when that happens, I stop and take notice. In some form or another it seems that I keep reading about a call to action for us Catholics. Not just us homeschooling Catholics, but ALL Catholics, it seems need to hear the message that we need to become not just okay Catholics, not just good Catholics, but exceptional Catholics.

No one knows what the future holds except God. All we have is today. But, with the hope that we will be given a number of tomorrows, we must prepare ourselves and our children to become those kind of Catholics that not only know their faith but can and will defend it if necessary.

It reminded me that during our silent retreat this summer Father exhorted us to pray every day to the Blessed Mother for the graces of Joy, Hope and Courage. We need Joy for our own good, but also so that we can spread that joy to those around us - in our home, work or anywhere. We have to EXUDE joy so that people want to know where we get it from.

We need Hope so that we don't ever doubt that God is in control, no matter what might be going on in our lives, in our country or in our world.

We need Courage so that we can stand up for our faith just as the early Christians did. Through their courage and witness they converted many people. Like them there may come a time when we, or even our children, might need to have the courage to defend the faith by giving up our lives.

I came across this call to action in an email from Fr. Corapi, on Mark Mallet's blog, in this video, in a mediation the other day in my "In Conversation With God" book and in "My Imitation of Christ" book that I flipped open the other day. The video is almost nine minutes long but it is definitely worth your time! So, watch the video and hopefully you will take up the call, too.

God Bless!